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Musical Instruments

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Musical Instruments


Tone-wood is the sound boards of instruments for building different parts of guitars, mandolin or violin and other string instruments .
Different parts of Musical Instruments that we supply are


Next to the top wood the back and sides are the most important for the sound of the guitar.
Most of high end guitars will have solid back and sides.A lot of acoustic guitar with lower price will have wood laminate back and sides. Costs are better saved here than on the top.for which we supply commonly includes:


Rosewood and Ebony is perhaps the most preferred back and sides wood amongst high end guitars due to its tonal range and rich overtones – and its traditional use in acoustic guitar making. Mahogany is probably the next most common. But it mostly depends on the sound that you are after.

Different combinations of back and sides woods and top woods will produce very different tonal qualities. Often the wood on the back and sides is a different wood to the top wood but sometimes it is the same.




Rose Wood




FINGER BOARD ( Rosewood and Ebony)

IMG-20160321-WA0035The material of the fret-board is mostly about play-ability and durability.
The fret-board’s material needs to be easy for the fingers to smoothly run along and also dense enough so that it isn’t easily damaged by the strings.
That density also plays a part sound-wise. The denser the wood on the fret-board the less the tone that will be absorbed into it  meaning more of the sound makes it into the soundboard.
The most common woods for fretboards on acoustic guitars are rosewood and ebony – which is common on electric guitars too.

BRIDGE & BLANKS ( Rosewood and Ebony)


rs eb

The Material used for the bridge is more important for the sound than you might think. Whilst it does need to be strong and durable (its holding the strings into the soundboard after-all) it also plays an important sound role because it is involved with transferring the vibrations from the strings into the soundboard.
If the wood (or other material) of the bridge is dense then this will lead to less energy loss so that more of the sound makes it into the soundboard.
Like the fret board the most common woods for the bridge are rosewood and ebony.

HEAD STOCKS ( Rosewood and Ebony)


A head stock or peg head is part of a guitar or similar stringed instrument such as a lute, mandolin, banjo, ukulele and others of the lute lineage.

The main function of a head stock is to house the pegs or mechanism that holds the strings at the “head” of the instrument. At the “tail” of the instrument the strings are usually held by a tailpiece or bridge. Machine heads on the head stock are commonly used to tune the instrument by adjusting the tension of strings and, consequentially, the pitch of sound they produce.


Ebony Wood


Rose Wood