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Rose Wood

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Rose Wood

2Dalbergia latifolia (synonym Dalbergia emarginata) is a premier timber species, also known as the Indian Rosewood. It is native to low-elevation tropical mansoon forest of south east India. Some common names in English include Rosewood, Bombay blackwood, Roseta rosewood, East Indian rosewood, Reddish-brown rosewood

The sapwood of D. latifolia is pale yellowish-white often with a tinge of purple. Heartwood varies in color from light golden brown to shades of light purple with dark streaks, or deep purple with distant black lines. The heartwood darkens with age and weighs about 850 kg per cubic meter.

The wood is very hard with no distinct annual rings. It is difficult to work because of its high density. The wood is fragrant and commands a high price. It is used to make premium-grade furniture, panelling, veneers, and interior and exterior joinery. Secondary uses of the wood include; knife handles, musical instrument calico-printing blocks, mathematical instruments, agricultural implements, and boats keels and screws.

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Rose Wood